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For all public Meetings and Agendas, beginning February 6, 2019, with the exception of the February 12, 2019 Planning Commission meeting,
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The February 12, 2019 Planning Commission meeting will be available below on this page.
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Additional Public Meeting Records

The following five (5) public record collections, relating to Public Meeting records, can be searched, retrieved and printed from this search engine. These collections are under development and additional records will be added on an on-going basis.

There are two search features available

Search by Document Text: This feature allows you to choose one or more Collections and search for a specific word or phrase within the body or text of that document.

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  Collection  Description
Minutes ArchiveScans of City Council minutes from 1911 through 2006.
ResolutionsA Resolution is an expression of intent or support by the City Council, and becomes effective upon adoption.

This search feature allows a user to retrieve and print adopted City of Las Vegas Resolutions either by using a key word search; entering the Resolution number; or by entering the City Council date the Resolution was adopted.
OrdinancesAn Ordinance is an action which has the effect of making, amending, or repealing substantive City law, also known as the Las Vegas Municipal Code.

This search feature allows a user to retrieve and print adopted City Ordinances either by using a key word search; entering the Bill or Ordinance number; or by entering the City Council date the Ordinance was adopted.
Legal NoticesIn accordance with NRS 238.010 to 238.080 regarding Legal Notices and Advertising, as well as Nevadas Open Meeting Law, NRS 241.020, the following types of legal notices are available for retrieval and print:

Action Letters These letters are the notification to the applicant of action including any conditions imposed by the City Council or Planning Commission.

Notice of Final Action In accordance with NRS 278.0235 (Appeals), Notices of Final Action are on file with the City Clerk and can be retrieved and printed using this search feature.

Public Hearing Notices These letters are sent to applicants and/or interested parties notifying that a public hearing item is going to be placed on a specific public meeting.

Legal Mailings Per state statutes, these mailings are required in support of or for notification of items to be considered by a public body.
ProclamationsProclamations are ceremonial commemorations issued by the Mayor and City Council.