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City of Las Vegas Business License Instructions

Short Term Residential Rental (PM)

A Short-Term Residential Rental means the commercial use of a dwelling by making available for lodging or sleeping purposes, wherein any individual guest rents one (1) or two (2) individual rooms within a three (3) bedroom dwelling unit for a period of less than thirty-one (31) consecutive calendar days. This dwelling must be owner's primary residence and the owner must reside at the unit throughout the rental period. The dwelling cannot be closer than 660 feet to another short-term residential rental.

1. Review the "Short Term Rental Application Instructions" document located at

2. Provide proof of compliance with the Nevada Secretary of State located at 2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. For additional information call (702) 486-2880 or visit their website at Provide proof of compliance with the Nevada Department of Taxation located at 700 E Warm Springs Road, 2nd Floor, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. For additional information call (866) 962-3707 or visit their website at

3. The process begins with planning approval. To start, call Planning at (702) 229-6301. Short-term rentals are allowed in most residential neighborhoods of Las Vegas, subject to a number of restrictions. They are prohibited in the following master planned areas: Summerlin, including Sun City Summerlin Town Center Skye Canyon Cliff's Edge Downtown Centennial Plan (Symphony Park) Grand Canyon Village Las Vegas Medical District Providence Square A short-term rental license does not provide authority to violate any common-interest community's covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). If the residence is inside a gated subdivision or a controlled-access building that is governed by an owner's association, a letter from the association acknowledging the use and granting access to occupants of the rental unit will be required as part of the application. A short-term residential rental requires a Conditional Use Verification (CUV) from the Planning Department. To be allowed as a conditional use, the residence must: Be owner occupied and have no more than 3 bedrooms. The number of bedrooms is that shown on the Clark County Assessor's records; Be at least 660 feet from any other short-term residential rental.

4. As part of the Conditional Use Verification approval process an inspection of the property will be conducted. The inspector will verify the number of bedrooms in the house and will check for a number of life safety and related requirements. The inspector will also check for building permits for all changes and additions that have been made to the original structure. In general, the residence must meet all applicable building and fire safety codes for a residence, plus others that are required for commercial use of the property. These include: Fire extinguishers properly mounted in the garage, in the kitchen and on each floor, with a current service tag from a contractor certified by the State of Nevada Fire Marshal; Interconnected smoke detectors in each sleeping room and at other locations in the residence; Carbon monoxide detectors are required in several locations in residences with fuel-fired appliances.

5. All short-term residential rentals must obtain a business license prior to operating. The license application has several special requirements and restrictions: No accessory structures such as casitas, tents, trailers or other mobile units may be used for dwelling, lodging or sleeping purposes; The business license number must be included in all advertisements; The licensee must provide proof of liability insurance coverage with a $500,000 minimum amount; The residence must display a placard whenever rented listing the maximum occupancy and a 24-hour contact number for complaints; The property owner must be the license holder; A copy of the property owner(s) photo identification is required; If applicable, corporation/LLC/Trust documentation will be required; The license application must list the hosting platform on which the units will be advertised; The application must include an affidavit attesting that there are no delinquent room tax liabilities or liens on the property; A floor plan identifying the bedrooms and living spaces must be provided to include the bedroom being occupied by the property owner during the rental periods.

6. 30 days prior to commencing business, apply on-line at

7. Room rentals may be subject to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority room tax provisions. Full information on this will be provided at the time the application is submitted to City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Division.

8. All fees are due at the time the application is submitted. There is a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 and an annual permit fee of $500.00.

9. Business license applications are sent to the Planning Department and Fire Department for review and inspection, if applicable. Upon approval from these agencies and completion of all items listed above, the Business Licensing Division will issue your business license.