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For all public Meetings and Agendas, beginning February 6, 2019, with the exception of the February 12, 2019 Planning Commission meeting,
click here:
The February 12, 2019 Planning Commission meeting will be available below on this page.
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Election Records

City of Las Vegas Oaths of Office, Historical information, and other information relating to Elections can be searched, retrieved and printed from this search engine:

  Collection  Description
Oaths of OfficeOaths of Office for Elected Officials, City Management positions, Department Directors, Deputy City Attorneys, Firefighters, City Marshalls, City Detention Officers, Board and Commission members, and a variety of other positions required to take an oath of office per the City Charter or Municipal Code.
Archives and ReportsThis link will allow you to view past filings of a variety of reports required for candidates and elected officials including Campaign and Expenditure filing.
Elections OverviewThis link will give you an overview of the City of Las Vegas government structure for the City Council, Municipal Court and city departments required by the City Charter and Municipal Code. This information is available in both English and Spanish.
Election HistoryThis is a link to allow you to search past elections for the City of Las Vegas. You can search by candidate name, election year, seat name, as well as by ballot question.
Clark County Election DepartmentThis is a link to the Clark County Election Department webpage. They have essential information for voters, such as polling location information, election results both past and present, and the ability to register to vote on line.