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Supporting Materials
Hearing, discussion and possible action regarding complaint seeking disciplinary action against Ran Oriental Therapy's LLC, d/b/a Oriental Angels Massage, and Jinli Ran, 2600 West Sahara Avenue, #115, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, for violations of the Las Vegas Municipal Code – Ward 1 (Tarkanian)
PDF Document  Minutes
PDF Document  Complaint for Disciplinary Action.pdf
PDF Document  Order Approving Complaint and Notice of Hearing with Affidavit of Service
PDF Document  Respondents’ Answer to City of Las Vegas’ Complaint Disciplinary Action and Receipt of Copy
PDF Document  Submitted at Meeting – Exhibit Binder by Philip Byrnes.pdf
PDF Document  Verbatim Transcript
PDF Document  Submitted after Meeting- Notice of Entry of Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order Revoking Massage Establishment