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Supporting Materials
SUP-25262 - SPECIAL USE PERMIT RELATED TO ZON-25295 - PUBLIC HEARING - APPLICANT/OWNER: SAHARA INVESTMENTS, LLC - Request for a Special Use Permit FOR A 795-FOOT BUILDING IN THE A-O (AIRPORT OVERLAY) DISTRICT WHERE THE HEIGHT LIMITATION IS 175 FEET adjacent to the north side of Sahara Avenue, approximately 375 feet west of Fairfield Avenue (APNs 162-04-814-002, 162-04-807-004 and 005), C-1 (Limited Commercial) and C-2 (General Commercial) Zones [PROPOSED: C-2 (General Commercial) Zone], Ward 3 (Reese)
PDF Document  Minutes
PDF Document  Location and Aerial Maps.doc
PDF Document  Conditions and Staff Report
PDF Document  Supporting Documentation.pdf
PDF Document  Photos
PDF Document  Justification Letter