City of Las Vegas

Department of Planning
Business Licensing Division
495 S. Main St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

City of Las Vegas Business License Instructions

Amusement Park

A business premises which has one or more buildings or structures, is operated on a permanent basis, and is designed to provide amusement, pleasure or relaxation and promotes some theme, motif or concept, including a location that provides lifts, tramways, monorails, elevators, or escalators or other conveyances or rides or roller coasters for entertainment or amusement of the public, together with any incidental sale of refreshments, food, gifts or novelties.

1. Confirm the proposed business location is within the Las Vegas city limits and properly zoned for this activity, if applicable. For information on planning, zoning, and building requirements, call (702) 229-6301 or visit City Hall, 495 S. Main St., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.

2. Obtain required Building and Safety permits. For information call (702) 229-6251 or visit City Hall, 495 S. Main St., Las Vegas NV 89101.

3. Provide certificate of insurance of at least $500,000 coverage.

4. Provide proof of compliance with the Nevada Secretary of State located at 2250 Las Vegas Boulevard North, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. For additional information call (702) 486-2880 or visit their website at Provide proof of compliance with the Nevada Department of Taxation located at 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 1300, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. For additional information call (866) 962-3707 or visit their website at

5. Apply for and obtain a Health Permit from the Southern Nevada Health District located at 333 North Rancho Drive 4th floor # 350, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89106. For more information go on-line at or call (702) 759-1000.

6. 30 days prior to commencing business, apply on-line at

7. Fees due at time application is submitted are $150 ($100 license fee + $50 processing fee). License fees are based on the gross revenue of the business and are due in advance semiannually. If your business is approved for operation from your home and you reside in the city limits of Las Vegas an additional one time fee of $50 is required for a Home Occupation Permit. Make check payable to CITY OF LAS VEGAS.

8. Business license applications are sent to the Planning Department and Fire Department for review and inspection, if applicable. Upon approval from these agencies and completion of all items listed above, the Business Licensing Division will issue your business license.